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Algae Bloom Problems in Lacamas Lake System

A Conversation Between Local Politicians

Algae Bloom Problems in Lacamas Lake System

City of Camas

June 29, 2020 at 7:00:00 AM

Lacamas Lake and the Algae Toxins - Mayor McDonnell talks with City Councilman Steve Hogan, who is leading the charge to clean up our Lakes, discussing the current situation, causes, and the process towards a solution. Spoiler alert: currently the first step (testing) is not scheduled for approx. 3 years! The City is working to speed that up. Considering that this year we had FOUR toxic algae blooms before the date of the first algae bloom last year, progress cannot come soon enough! Microcystin (liver toxin) and Anatoxin-A (nerve toxin) should not be taken lightly. If you know someone that got sick from paddleboarding/swimming in the Lake, please have them report it to the County Health Dept.

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