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Changes You Can Do At Home

Every person in our community has a responsibility to be considerate about their impact on our watershed. Here are some easy ways that you can make small, but impactful changes to better the health of our waterways. 

Proper Poo Disposal

It is important to pick up after your animals to make sure their waste is not contributing to groundwater or surface water pollution.


Consider Alternative Inputs

Trade your chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, and concentrated fertilizers for more sustainable agricultural and gardening methods. This can avoid chemicals and nutrients from entering our waterways and causing greater pollution.


Plant a tree!

Trees improve water quality through absorption and filtration of water, but also by slowing rain as it falls to the Earth. This helps the water soak into the soil and prevents runoff, prevents soil erosion, and lessens flood damage.


Have a Conversation

Talk in your community to spread awareness and promote good stewardship. Check out volunteer events and other ways to give back and be active in activities for change.


Write to Policy Makers

Let policymakers know what is important to you! They have an obligation to the people that they serve to hear their concerns and suggestions.

Dog in a Raincoat
Hands in the Soil
Tree Planting
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