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Our Lakes

For decades, Camas residents and their neighbors have enjoyed lake living for swimming, fishing, boating, and a better connection to nature and the community. 

Years of eutrophication and pollution have caused our lakes to become an ideal environment for toxic algae blooms. Changing these conditions can not be done overnight, but instead will take stewardship, research, and a commitment to restoring these vital ecosystems.

Now it is time to give back by protecting these jewels for the future of our Camas community.  

In 2021, The City of Camas started Phase 1 of their Lacamas Lake Management Plan. Phase 2 began Fall 2021 and will continue through at least Winter 2022.


Lacamas Lake has an area of over 250 acres that are used for swimming, fishing, kayaking, boating, paddleboarding, and more! It was last stocked with Rainbow Trout in April of 2021.

Water quality testing by our citizen group is done in three areas along the shore of Lacamas Lake to identify and report any toxic cyanobacteria.

Round Lake

Round Lake is fed by Lacamas Lake and has an amazing set of trails and even a few waterfalls.

The Trail Guide for Round Lake can be found here.


Fallen Leaf Lake is a quiet lake with picnic benches and a facility available to rent. There are also hiking and biking trails. The Trail Guide for Fallen Leaf Lake can be found here.

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