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Camas' vision for North Shore starting to take shape

Camas' vision for North Shore starting to take shape

Kelly Moyer

February 26, 2022 at 11:17:00 PM

Preliminary land-use concepts for Camas’ North Shore show a mix of residential, commercial, mixed-use and business park-light industrial zones abutting a thick band of city-owned green space along the northern shores of Lacamas Lake.

The city has been working with two subcommittees to develop draft land-use and transportation options for the North Shore, a 990-acre area that is currently being used for agricultural and single-family residences, but is expected to see substantial growth over the next 20 years.

Camas annexed about 800 acres in the North Shore area into the city in 2010, with plans to use the mostly agricultural area for a mix of residential, commercial and industrial purposes.

“North Shore is in the city limits and has comprehensive plan designation and zoning,” Camas Planning Manager Robert Maul said during a Parks and Recreation Commission meeting on Jan. 26. “It could move forward with development today if somebody wanted to do that.”

Instead, city officials and many community members hope the North Shore will develop into a unique, forward-thinking area of Camas known for its abundance of green spaces and recreational opportunities; natural beauty and environmental protection; walkability; mix of housing options; small, locally owned businesses; and light industrial business parks located farther away from the lake, on the northern end of the North Shore.

The city has two drafts — Option A and Option B — on the table for consideration. Both options have a variety of land uses and zoning, including business park/light industrial, commercial, mixed-use, higher-density residential, lower-density residential, parks/open spaces, and schools.

Both options designate around 250 acres — or 25 percent of the space — for parks and open spaces, but Option A offers more lower-density residential (230 acres in Option A versus 199 acres in Option B), business park/light industrial land (187 acres in Option A versus 153 acres in Option B) and commercial areas (75 acres in Option A versus 49 acres in Option B). Option B offers more higher-density residential (175 acres) than Option A (132 acres).

The draft options will serve as the starting point for new recommendations for zoning in the North Shore as well as new design and zoning standards.

Camas officials are seeking more input from residents on the city’s North Shore Subarea Plan. The city launched an online virtual open house on the Engage Camas website on Feb. 16.

Interested residents can learn more about the North Shore Subarea Plan and weigh in on the draft options at

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